Outbound Services

We offer a variety of outbound phone services through our highly trained agents who are able to effectively collect all the valuable information you need.

BD BPO Solutions, Inc. offer a variety of phone survey services – phone market research, customer survey services, and customer service satisfaction surveys. Our highly trained agents do surveys over the phone to determine a company’s current market standing.

Our Tele Surveying method:

  • Our Representatives will ask for basic information on the customer.
  • We may ask for information about age and employment simply because that qualifies or disqualifies many people from the target survey audience that the company wants.
  • The survey then consists of several questions, usually variations around a general topic. Our Representatives are usually at a computer screen at this point, quickly typing “yes” or “no” answers into the database.
  • After the survey is done, we implement mandatory disclosure politely and thanking the prospects for their time and cooperation. Our Representatives then completes the information in the computer.
  • Our QA Supervisors will have to listen to all conversations to check on the veracity of the calls made by the Representatives.
  • All BD BPO workforce including the Representatives are all well-versed on regulations regarding the DNC list.

We offer a TPV (third party verification) services that produce quality results that you expect. BD BPO Solutions Third Party Verifications Services, implements an effective process, and we use the latest technology and professional human resource that can function in combination as an independent body between the customers and the vendors in verifying the correct details of the proposed business deal. Our TPV process deals in asking the customers and gathering the following information to achieve the following:

  • To identify themselves
  • To identify the order information
  • To verify if they are authorized to place the orders

We communicate information to both customers and vendors effectively and as convincingly as possible without resulting in any disputes and frauds. Our live operators are essential to monitor and manage the process closely in order to avoid problems later in the form of customer disputes and incorrect exchange of information.

We offer a telephone survey as a direct research tool which is reasonably reliable and inexpensive. It is wise and practical for businesses to launch a customer satisfaction survey or customer service phone survey and use the data gathered to plan more effective sales and marketing campaigns. Our dependable team takes care of gathering information or doing the interview of your targeted clients. We provide Lead generation services to the following fields:

  • Debt
  • Loans
  • Tax
  • Health Care
  • Medical Supplies
  • Education

Our agents are trained to effectively collect as much valuable information as possible. Quality assurance analysts monitor all agents to ensure call quality. Our agents will follow a script which the client provides, or one which was created for the client by our sales and marketing experts. Contact us today to learn more about our Telephone Survey Services.

At BD BPO Solutions, Inc. we understand that there is much more to appointment scheduling than simply acquiring a list and dialing the phone”. We are helping organizations generate new business through appointment setting, has a proven track record of success. We’ve assisted companies of varying sizes, industries and objectives achieve their executive missions.

We generate Business Industries Lead for:

  • Travel | Finance & Insurance | Telecom | Health Care | Advertising and Media Services | Research & Analytics

BD BPO Solutions, Inc. – Appointment Setting Highlights

  • Outsourcing your Appointment setting needs allows you to focus on core competencies and not daily scheduling tasks.
  • You can save salary expenses – Our skilled and experienced agents create, change, and cancel meetings and appointments, just like an Virtual receptionist.
  • Our Appointment scheduling services provides flexible solutions for your customers and clients and keeps you connected at all times.
  • Specializing in Business appointment setting, our team of talented telemarketers ensure that any campaign is fulfilled and reported on in a tangible and measurable way.