Engaged in the business of Information Technology (“IT”) and IT enabled services primarily to foreign markets/clients including but not limited to:

  • on-line database service
  • soliciting on-line advertisements
  • sale of computerized information
  • data encoding / data processing
  • data conversion, transcription
  • business process outsourcing
  • outsourced billing and billing information services

Outsourced marketing services and other services involving IT and business process needs and for this purpose to do the necessary things for or conducive to the attainment of such purpose including but not limited to the:

  • acquisition, construction, building setting up and provisioning of or export of such services including consulting, project management and program management, development and licensing applications
  • contract management and marketing solutions and developing and administering of training programs for personnel required to provide the above products and services managed by Mr. Bernie John C. Baltasar, President/CEO of the company.

The production operations are attended by fully trained and experienced professionals who deal with the simplest to most difficult inbound/outbound telemarketing programs. They support effective and worthwhile relationship for smooth and speedy processing of transactions to clients.

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